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Week 3 {tiny paintings project}

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“Mise en Place” means “putting in place” in French. It is a restaurant term referring to ingredients prepared beforehand. When someone says “Get your mise ready” it means, cut up all the vegetables, make sauces, gather ingredients and have it all in front of you ready to go. This week’s menu board can organize dinners, after school activities, workouts, or blog posts. You might want to make a tassle out of black felt for an eraser, attach it to a piece of chalk, and hang it from the menu board.

Get the high res. artwork in the ARTWORK DOWNLOADS column to the right. I've had resizing problems printing it straight from my browser. I suggest you save the artwork and print it using a photo viewing application. Use 4" x 6" photo paper. Please leave a comment if you have printing suggestions.

And please, if you use my artwork, send me a picture of what you made, so I can pin it to my pinterest board.

FIG. 1 Supplies: Chalkboard paint. I used a spray, but brush-on is good too. 30 tiny eye hooks size 17/32”. 14 jump rings, I happened to have these keychain style ones, but regular jewelry supply ones would be easier to use. An awl, pliers, tack cloth, scissors, ribbon. 4 jumbo size paint stirring sticks and a saw. Optional: tape for the edges. I got this foil tape at ace hardware and cut it down into ½” strips.

FIG. 2 Cut up the artwork close to the words.

FIG. 3 Cut and paint. Cut the paint stirring sticks into eight 8” lengths. Sand the edges and paint with chalkboard paint. I did 4 coats of spray on each side, sanding lightly in between coats.

FIG. 4 Tape edges.

FIG. 5 Insert screw eyes. Use the awl to start a hole 1” in from the edge. The top and bottom panels will only have hooks on one side.

FIG. 6 Attach the panels together with the jump rings.

FIG. 7 Glue on the art, and hang it with a ribbon.



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