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I’m working on a series of small paintings arranged by color, hung salon-style grouped around one of my color charts. They are inspired by a desire to create order during these transitory times.  This art is designed to travel with a generation of urban nomads. Each original painting unfolds to hang in each new space to make you feel at home and then folds up to pack easily. It's a satisfying way to incorporate my love of bookmaking and craft with painting and fine art.

I started with green, purposely leaving a few loose ends so I can put the finishing touches on all the colors together as a group. Each color group is a study in how to use the swatches in a painting process and vice versa.  They put into effect the school charts I’ve been making for my classes. Next, I’ve moved onto pink but I’m looking forward to documenting the subtle differences with greys, whites, and blacks as well as the rainbow colors. I can’t wait to have a great big color progression hanging on the wall.

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