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Handcrafted Studio School

Im teaching a workshop on Mixing Custom Color Palettes at Handcrafted Studio School soon.  One of my favorite things about workshops is preparing the kits for students. I love to set a nice table with art supplies as place settings take-aways for party favors.

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Nice Press

My book got a couple of really nice mentions. It means so much that they come from women who have been such inspirations to me and run their businesses with such integrity.

Janine from Uppercase Magazine wrote such a thoughtful description. I've been a subscriber for years.

And Gabrielle from Design Mom included my book with some great ones. I've been a reader of her blog since way back when she posted about my turducken craft.


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My new book is out!

"The Opposite is Also True: A Journal of Creative Wisdom for Artists" is available wherever books are sold or –

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It is a collection of artist's wisdom that is organized in pairs of opposites. Every other page is a journal prompt to help you figure out which advice is best for you.

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Illustration Class

I'm teaching an illustration class at California College of the Arts (CCA) Extension starting July 16th 2018. There are still spots available. I'll go over my color mixing technique, that is a little like paint-by-numbers, as well as how to find and use reference material, combining multiple images, and sketching and gouache techniques. Check out the catalog here

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cover reveal

This is what I've been working on and the reason for all the silence lately. Release date October 2nd!

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Here's a little behind the scenes from my drawing and painting classes at CreativeLive.  

I met Lara McCormick who was Head of Design Education at CreativeLive and we talked about art and old times at Berkeley High School. She assigned me a content producer, Erin Persley. It was Erin's job to wring as much information about drawing and painting out of me as I could possibly say in our eight-hour day of shooting. We created a show flow, materials list, course graphics, and bonus material. I also made some backdrops to decorate my set.



I couldn't get through my introduction during the practice sessions but to my relief, when I had the live audience in front of me, I did it without messing up. My host Robert Mahar was such a big help and calmed my nerves.


I started off tracing around objects.


Later we traced pictures off an iPad and refined line quality.


In the color class I showed how to work with gouache. 

Then I printed some images on products with Society6 and displayed others.

It was the most intense day ever but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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