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New scarves!

Week 19 {tiny paintings project}

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Hang a little fragrant flower just about anywhere: from your bike, next to your desk, on the bathroom mirror, or on every chair at a party. You can stamp or hand letter a monogram on each tag. Or string a bunch together to spell out a word.



Or get the artwork in the "artwork downloads" column to the right. Print it out on 4" x 6" photo paper, and make sure the print size is 100%. You might need to save the file and print using a photo application.

This art is only for your personal use, and may not be reproduced.  And please, if you use my artwork, send me a picture of what you made, so I can pin it to my pinterest board.


FIG. 1 Supplies: Three flower tubes, printout, floral stem wire, scissors, wire cutters, Tacky glue, and crepe paper. I used this kind. Ask a flower shop for the flower water tubes. These are 3 ½” tall. Sometimes they come with pointy ends. You can use those too, but dry-fit the paper first because you might need to adjust the size.

FIG. 2 Cut the blue crepe paper 2 ½” wide x 5 ½” tall with the grain running top to bottom. Cut the orange paper 2 ½” wide x 3 ½” tall with the grain running crossways. Turn the blue paper face down and run a bead of glue 1” from the bottom. Attach the orange piece with grain running crossways.

FIG. 3 Cut fringe through both layers, almost to the top of the orange paper.

FIG. 4 Sparingly glue the blue paper, except for the top ¾” so you don’t glue the paper to the cap.

FIG. 5 Wrap the paper around the tube. You may need to add a dot of glue to the top seam near the cap.

FIG. 6 Cut a 2” piece of wire. Twist it tightly below bottle, to make a tassel.

FIG. 7 Cut out the artwork, keeping the circles attached together like wings. Bend a bottle into a trough shape and lay a bead of glue down the center.

Fig. 8 Attach the bottle just under the cap. Let it dry!

FIG. 9 Cut two 2” pieces of wire. Attach a loop to the center of the wire, with the ends about 1” apart.

FIG. 10 Lay the wire loop underneath the flower tube.

FIG. 11 Bring both ends around to cross in front, while simultaneously tucking the open tag art, face down, underneath the wire cross.

FIG. 12 Bring the ends around the back and twist.

FIG 13 Apply a small dot of glue inside the tag and pinch it tightly closed.  Add a monogram  to the tag.

FIG. 14 Remove cap, fill with water, replace cap, insert flowers in front of the wire loop. Hang it somewhere near enough to smell the flowers.


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