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Week 21 {tiny paintings project}

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Thinking ahead,this could be a fun way to wrap a father's day present. Hint:get a small present. The chain is labor-intensive. You won’t want to make enough to wrap  a bicycle.  This project requires some delicate gluing. If your fingers get sticky, just go ahead and wash your hands. Don’t try to push through the mess. Getting the wires to line up, and stick down in position, is one of those things you just have to get right on the first try.



Or get the artwork in the "artwork downloads" column to the right. Print it out on 4" x 6" photo paper, and make sure the print size is 100%. You might need to save the file and print using a photo application.

This art is only for your personal use, and may not be reproduced.  And please, if you use my artwork, send me a picture of what you made, so I can pin it to my pinterest board.


 FIG. 1 SUPPLIES: Printout, tacky glue, glue brush, wire cutters, scissors, decorative paper for the back of the locks (something you can write on), X-acto knife, Floral stem wire (keep it straight! Bent wire will be difficult to work with.)Or you can use twist-ties - like the kind that come in produce or bulk bins, metallic and colored crepe paper. I used this kind of crepe paper

FIG. 2 Make the twist-ties. You are basically making the wire ties you get with the bags in the produce section of the grocery store. So if you want a green chain… To make a gold chain, cut a piece of gold crepe paper and stretch it out a little. It should end up 12” x 4” with the grain running in the 4” direction. Cut a piece of contrasting paper (red) just a little bit bigger.

FIG. 3 Cut the stem wire into 12” lengths, keeping them as straight as possible. Working in 1” strips, brush glue down the length of  the back of the gold paper. Make sure to get it in all the cracks. Lay a piece of wire in the glue and press it down with the edge of a pencil, or a bamboo skewer. Continue placing wires with a 1/8” gap between.  If you are using twist-ties instead of wire, put a little glue on the back of each tie and then line them up on the crepe, burnish the metallic side. Measure how long of a chain you need to make. My box is a 4” cube, so I used about 34” of chain. Each 12” wire section makes about 3” of chain, so I used about 12 strips of wire.

FIG. 4 Let the wires dry enough to stay in position. Paint more glue on top of the wires and sandwich the red crepe paper on top. Press both sides thoroughly with your fingers so the wire impression comes through evenly everywhere. Let Dry!

FIG. 5 Cut in between the wires to make long strips.

FIG. 6 Cut into 2” lengths with wire cutters.

Fig. 7 Fold one length in half, and then bend over the top edges and squeeze closed, to make an oval.

FIG. 8 Insert the next length and fold in half.

FIG. 9 Bend the ends, and close the link. If you want a strong chain, you should put a dot of glue in the closure of each link.

FIG. 10 Keep going until you get enough to wrap around the box one direction.

FIG. Loop the chain around the box and close with another link. Make two more sections for the other sides and connect them to the center front and back. Mount the artwork to the decorative paper backing and cut it out. Use an x-acto knife to cut out the holes. Write “To/From” on the back of a lock. And use more pieces of chain to attach the locks to the gift.


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