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New scarves!

Week 27 {tiny paintings project}

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Here’s a sweet little treat for summer reading.

Put them in a bakery box for a hostess gift.



Or, get the artwork in the "artwork downloads" column to the right. Print it out on 4" x 6" photo paper, and make sure the print size is 100%. You might need to save the file and print using a photo application.

This art is only for your personal use, and may not be reproduced.  And please, if you use my artwork, send me a picture of what you made, so I can pin it to my pinterest board.


FIG. 1 Supplies: Little rolling pin, Tacky glue, Sculpey or other polymer clay, four coffee stirrer sticks, printout, scissors, pompoms, tape, ribbon*, baking parchment, paint brush, optional gold leaf paint. You can omit the gold paint if you like the color of your Sculpey.

*You might want to test your ribbon to see if it can withstand baking in the oven at 275˚ for 10 minutes.

FIG. 2 Stack two stirrer sticks and tape them together, repeat with the other two. Tape the stacks to the table to create spacers for rolling. Roll out a bit of clay.

FIG. 3 Cut out the artwork. Cut the dough leaving aprox. 1/8” showing around the art. Keep track of which art goes where.

FIG. 4 Remove the art from the cut-out shape. Cut a 12” piece of ribbon. Press it into the center of the clay, leaving about 3” of ribbon hanging out the bottom.

FIG. 5 Add a patch of clay on top of the ribbon.

FIG. 6 Roll the patch flat.

FIG. 7 Sandwich two pieces of art on either side of the clay. Squeeze them together gently while smoothing out the edges.

FIG. 8 Make sure both sides are free of fingerprints and facing the same direction. Then carefully remove the art.

FIG. 9 Put the pieces on a parchment-lined baking pan. Bake according to package instructions. Keep track of which art goes where.

FIG. 10 I wanted a little more shine to my gold clay, so I painted it with gold leaf paint.

FIG. 11 Hang them up to dry. Keep track of which art goes where.

FIG. 12 Paint glue in the center.

FIG. 13 Put the art back in it’s spot.

FIG. 14 Trim the short end of the ribbon to 1”. This should be the bit of the ribbon hanging out the bottom of the macaroon. Spread open a pompom and add some glue.

FIG. 15 Put the end of the ribbon into the pompom and squeeze it closed.



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