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Week 39 {tiny paintings project}

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Use fishing line to hang several of these haunted owl skeletons about the house. Try hanging the line at an angle so the bird slides down the line and looks like it’s flying. You could also paint over the bones with glow-in-the-dark-paint like I did to the evil eyes last week.



Or, get the artwork in the "artwork downloads" column to the right. Print it out on 4" x 6" photo paper, and make sure the print size is 100%. You might need to save the file and print using a photo application.

This art is only for your personal use, and may not be reproduced.  And please, if you use my artwork, send me a picture of what you made, so I can pin it to my pinterest board.



FIG. 1 Supplies: Watercolors and a wide brush, small diameter hole punch, scissors, masking tape, Tacky glue, gold paint, tracing paper, printout, decorative backing paper like cardstock or construction paper*, paperclip, small brads (paper connectors).

* If you’re tricky with the photo editing software, print a copy of  art in reverse. Then you can have a two-sided owl.

FIG. 2 Brush a watercolor wash over a piece of tracing paper. I used blues, purple, and a little black. Let it dry.

FIG. 3 Tape the printout to the cardstock on the sides. Cut out the art. If your cardstock is two-sided (mine isn’t), place the wrong sides together.

FIG. 4 The cut-out art and backing. You’ll see the other side of the backing when the bird is finished.

FIG. 5 Cut a 1” strip of the painted tracing paper and fold it in half long ways. Cut feather shapes about ¾” long, along the fold.

FIG. 6 Unfold the feathers. Put a dot of glue on the top of each one. Glue the feathers to the back of the wing bones, starting with the smaller lighter-colored ones, and working to the darkest ones.

FIG. 7 Two finished wigs.

FIG. 8 Repeat the process, gluing the feathers to the outside of the leg bones.

FIG. 9 Glue feathers to the top and bottom of the body.

FIG. 10 Turn the body over and tape a paperclip to the back of the head, so the loop sticks out above the head.

FIG 11 Dry-fit the backing paper, then apply the glue and stick it down.

FIG. 12 Punch the holes. I used a tiny punch and tiny brads.

FIG. 13 Attach the limbs behind the body. Flatten down the ends of the brads.

FIG. 14 Dry-brush a tiny bit of gold paint over the folds in the feathers.

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