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New scarves!

Week 41 {tiny paintings project}

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This Week: MOTHS


Whatever your Halloween costume, adding a swarm of moths, will creep it up. You could paint them with glow-in-the-dark paint for extra effect. They are mounted on hairclips, but make sure to have some landing on your shoulders and back too. Print extra cards and make a bunch.



Or, get the artwork in the "artwork downloads" column to the right. Print it out on 4" x 6" photo paper, and make sure the print size is 100%. You might need to save the file and print using a photo application.

This art is only for your personal use, and may not be reproduced.  And please, if you use my artwork, send me a picture of what you made, so I can pin it to my pinterest board.


FIG. 1 Supplies:  Glue gun and glue, glitter, detail scissors or X-acto knife, tiny hair clips, printout, Tacky glue, dark colored crepe paper.

FIG. 2 Cut out the artwork. Apply Tacky glue to the back of the body, but not the wing tips.

FIG. 4 Glue the moth to a piece of crepe paper with the grain running horizontal. Cut wide around the wings and close around the body.

FIG. 4 Let the glue dry. Stretch the crepe paper on the wings in opposite directions to make ruffled edges. Put dots of glue around the wings and sprinkle with glitter.

FIG. 5 Let the glitter glue dry. Apply dots of hot glue to the outside edges of the wings of the hairclip. Don’t get glue in the spring.

FIG. 6 As the glue is cooling, pinch the edges of the body into the valleys on the sides of the spring. 



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