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Weeks 43 & 44 {tiny paintings project}

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Let the hunt for the elusive turducken begin! This bow and arrow makes lovely Thanksgiving table décor, but be aware, it really shoots! Take a nice walk and hunt for twigs, these are about 7" long, then come inside and get crafty while dinner cooks.

Week_43_download_web Week_44_download_web


Or, get the artwork in the "artwork downloads" column to the right. Print it out on 4" x 6" photo paper, and make sure the print size is 100%. You might need to save the file and print using a photo application.

This art is only for your personal use, and may not be reproduced.  And please, if you use my artwork, send me a picture of what you made, so I can pin it to my pinterest board.


FIG. 1 Supplies: sharp pruning clippers, pocket knife, detail scissors, Tacky glue, corrugated cardboard, two printouts, tiny clips, masking tape, three colors of twine, glue brush, pencil, mat knife for cardboard (not pictured), rubber bands, and twigs*. 

* Cut straight twigs from a live tree, so they are flexible and easier to work with. The small twigs for the arrows and target stand are 7" long and about half the diameter of a pencil. The larger twig for the bow is almost the diameter of a pencil. If your twig doesn’t bend enough for the bow you can try soaking it.

FIG. 2 Cut out the target artwork. Trace around the target onto the cardboard. Cut two circles. Stacked, they should be as thick as the edge band art.

FIG. 3 Glue the circles together, then the glue art on top. Glue the corrugated edge and wrap the  art around it. Trim the third piece to fit. (If it is frustrating getting all four pieces to stick down at the same time, glue and rubber band one piece at a time drying in between).

FIG. 4 Wrap rubber bands around the edge while drying.

FIG. 5 Make a hinge for the center stand. Loop a piece of tape over the top of the twig. When you pinch it together, you should have a ½” tab on the top.

FIG. 6 Look at the front of the target and place the twig on the back at the top. Glue it in place.

FIG. 7 Dry-fit the sides of the stand. With the target facing you, place a twig on the back.  Holding the twig in place, turn the target over and draw a line along the twig. Put glue on the line and place the twig. Let dry.

FIG. 8 Unfold the tripod stand and trim the ends of the twigs so it stands correctly. It should be slightly angled back. Tie the legs.

Fig. 9 Target

FIG. 10 Make the bow. Carve notches in the ends of the bow. Clip the ends at an angle.  If you don’t want to use a knife with children, you can probably use the clippers to carve the knotches.

FIG. 11 Put a bit of glue in the notch. Wrap the twine around twice and tie a square knot. Bend the twig, to get tension in the twine, and repeat on the other side.

FIG. 12 Decorate your bow. (I added a braid, but you can paint stripes or use washi tape too.) Cut three 10” lengths of twine. Put them together and tie a knot in the end with ½” ends. Braid about 3”. Put a little glue on the bow just above the notch. Wrap with the braid coming out the top.

FIG. 13 Put more glue going up the bow. Cross over the braid and continue wrapping up the bow. Trim the ends and glue them down.

FIG. 14 Make the arrows. Cut out the feather artwork and glue the matching sides together. Clip a 2” notch vertically in the end of a twig.

FIG. 15 Dry-fit, make sure the feathers will slide into the notch with enough room to tie above. Put glue in the notch and slide in the feathers.

Fig 16. Wrap twine twice around the ends and tie with a square knot.

FIG. 17 It is easier to tie tiny knots if you hang the end of the feather off the edge of the table and weight it down with something heavy.

FIG. 18 Lay the arrow flat on the table and whittle the ends flat like a flat screw driver. The flat plain should be parallel to the plane of the feather.

FIG. 19 Cut out the arrowhead art keeping the points stuck together. Glue the back of the art and fold it over the end of the arrow. Wrap twice and tie a square knot.

FIG. 19 Clip the sides of the arrowhead together until dry. Decorate the shafts of the arrows by gluing and wrapping with twine.



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